About Us

Benefits have become so complicated. At zizzl health, we are focused on making sure that employees and employers alike have the opportunity to pick a plan that's on your side.

Ensuring that companies have the financial protection in place that allows them to get back to the campfire, while supporting employees to find the individual coverage that works for their unique needs.

Our Values

  • Authentic Hospitality
  • Dependable Excellence
  • Optimistic Energy



zizzl health believes in campfire cultures.

One of the most crucial aspects of a campfire culture is hospitality. Hospitality is the art of making people feel like you're on their side, looking out for them no matter what. That's why at zizzl health, we hire savvy and friendly people who know how to see the world from the perspective of our customers.


If you're able to demonstrate academic, professional and/or other comparable achievements that reflect your ability to get things done with excellence, check out our careers page.


We've built and run companies that handle many of the most challenging aspects of benefits. It is our extensive experience and shared sense of purpose that enables us to uniquely build a best-in-class ICHRA solution that gets us, and you, back to the campfire.

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