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Budget-friendly, hassle-free health insurance

Ever wished you could just give your employees “pre-tax” money to buy their own individual health insurance plan?

A recent federal ruling created a new type of HRA that allows you to do just that. zizzl health makes the process easy for you AND for your employees.

It’s the budget friendly, hassle free way to provide health insurance benefits to your employees.

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How does an ICHRA solution benefit employers?

Budget Friendly

Simply set your contribution to match your budget. You're in control.

Hassle Free Renewals

No more disruptive insurance company and plan changes.

Happy Employees

Employees spend what they want to get the plan they want.

Simplified Benefits

Manage and streamline all your benefits with the zizzl health Platform.


Quality Insurance Companies and Plans: An attractive variety of health insurance companies and plans are available to every employee with doctors and hospitals they know and trust.

No Underwriting: Everyone is guaranteed to get the plan they want with no health questions asked.

Guaranteed Rates: Health conditions and claims experience have no impact on rates.

Pre-Tax Savings: Employer and employee contributions are pre-tax, just like a traditional group plan.

ACA Compliance: ICHRAs meet the ACA availability test and, with the proper contribution structure, they also meet the affordability test. You are full ACA compliant with zizzl Health.

How does zizzl health keep costs in check?

Forget the headache and constant management of which plans to offer.

Because employees are free to choose their own insurance company and plan, employers aren't stuck having to choose between reducing benefits or increasing employee costs to keep budgets intact. This results in superior budget control and predictability.


Multiple insurance companies compete for each employee with a wide variety of quality plans.


Each employee gets a fixed dollar amount to spend on health insurance.


With help from zizzl, each employee picks their own insurance company and plan.


Competition between insurance companies keeps products fresh and prices in check year-after-year.

A simple, integrated benefits platform that your employees will love.


Insurance jargon can be confusing. The zizzl health system ensures employees understand what plan they are choosing, while communicating with simple and easy to understand language.


Technology assists with choosing the right plan. It can even help guide employees to plans that cover specific prescriptions or providers.


Employees have the ultimate control over their own budget, determining how much or how little they want to pay for their health plan. Choosing the plan that's right for them, instead of their employer choosing it for them.


Real-time information at your fingertips with experts available to assist with website navigation.



What kinds of employers can offer an ICHRA and Who Can Participate?

Employers of any size may offer an ICHRA to any type of worker, including full time and part time employees, as well as independent contractors.

What Makes an ICHRA Different?

Employers don’t select the insurance company or the plan(s) when using an ICHRA for health insurance benefits. They simply determine how much they want to contribute towards the benefit and employees select their own insurance company and plan. Plan rates are community rated and not subject to underwriting, claims experience, or health conditions. If an employee applies for a plan, the insurance company is obligated to sell them the plan at the published rate.

Are ICHRA plans ACA and COBRA compliant?

ICHRA plans are considered ACA compliant as all qualified plans provide minimum essential coverage and employer contributions can be structured to be affordable. COBRA also applies for employers subject to ERISA law. However, state continuation does not apply.

Are ICHRA plans FSA and HSA compatible?

ICHRA’s are compatible with both health care flexible spending accounts and health saving accounts. Employers can offer one or both in conjunction with an ICHRA.

How are the premiums paid?

Employers may pay insurance companies on behalf of each employee and payroll deduct the employee contribution if their premium exceeds the employer contribution. This method has the advantage of a familiar “group plan” feel to employees. Alternatively, employers may require employees to pay the entire premium and submit a reimbursement request for the employer contribution. This method creates cash flow and inconvenience issues for some employees.

Are the insurance companies participating in ICHRA?

The 2022 plan year saw another increase of new insurance companies entering the market and existing insurance companies entering more states.

Are the premiums comparable to small group rates?

Individual health insurance rates are at parity or lower than small group rates in 19+ states and this trend continues to grow.