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  • Are your prospects looking for a budget-friendly way to offer quality health insurance?
  • Are your clients receiving year-over-year cost increases?
  • Do you have clients asking about providing more options to employees?

Then zizzl health is the solution for you! Offering you a full ICHRA solution for clients that have experienced multiple years of double-digit cost increases or those looking to offer more choice with less hassle to their employees.

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Why Partner with zizzl health?

Because together we are better.

Other Solutions
A unique premium payment process that makes it feel like a group plan to the employer and employees. yes question
Live call center enrollment support for employees. yes question
Intuitive tools to help employees pick a plan with ease. yes question
Guardian® product administration for a full ben admin experience with standard commissions and SPC. yes question

Powerfuls tools, first-class service

zizzl health gives your agency all the tools needed to generate leads and sell ICHRA paired with the support of a top-tier team of insurance and technology experts.

  • Sales Enablement
    Online resources to drive prospects to closure including co-brandable sales and marketing collateral.
  • Service Support
    Templated implementation processes make administration a breeze.

Easily offer your clients a full suite of benefits

Powerful new HRAs simplify the process of providing health insurance. Adding icing to the cake, zizzl health also offers a full line of Guardian® group insurance products.

Dental Dental
Vision Vision
Disability Disability
Accident Accident
Critical Critical
Life Life

Group Insurance products are underwritten and issued by The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, New York, NY. Products are not available in all states. GUARDIAN® and the GUARDIAN G® Logo are registered service marks of The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America and are used with express permission. 2022-138576 (Exp. 5/24)

zizzl health is the most effective tool we've used to generate leads, win broker of record and retain long term clients. Our book of business has doubled in less than 2 years.

—Bruce Stahl
Principal, zizzl Agency


Since zizzl Agency started marketing their ICHRA expertise, their book of business has grown over 100%.

34% of that growth came from taking over traditional group health plan clients when savings didn't justify the move to an ICHRA. However, by merely offering a solution other local agents could not provide, ICHRA opened the door to fresh conversations.

  • 20% Traditional group plan clients that faced unaffordable premium increases & converted to zizzl health.
  • 100% 2021 zizzl health clients that renewed with zizzl health ICHRA in 2022.
  • 100% 2021 zizzl health clients renewing with no increase to the employer contribution in 2022

Two Ways to Engage

Premier Agency Referral Agency
You are the IFP agent of record yes
You service IFP enrolled members yes
zizzl health provides IFP agent of record in all states yes
zizzl health services enrolled IFP members in all states yes
You receive IFP agent of record compensation yes
You receive ancillary product commissions yes yes
You charge & collect a consulting fee yes yes
You are protected as the consultant of record yes yes


What kinds of employers can offer an ICHRA and Who Can Participate?

Employers of any size may offer an ICHRA to any type of worker including full time and part time employees as well as independent contractors.

What Makes an ICHRA Different?

Employers don’t select the insurance company or the plan(s) when using an ICHRA for health insurance benefits. They simply determine how much they want to contribute towards the benefit and employees select their own insurance company and plan.

Plan rates are community rated and not subject to underwriting, claims experience, or health conditions. If an employee applies for a plan, the insurance company is obligated to sell them the plan at the published rate.

Do I still own the relationship with the client as the broker?

Yes, you are still the broker of record.

Are zizzl health resellers prohibited from selling other ICHRA solutions?

We believe that zizzl health delivers the best ICHRA experience and value to your clients. We don’t know why you would, but you are not prohibited from selling other ICHRA solutions.

For applicable large employers (ALE’s), does zizzl health have the ability to help brokers determine whether or not an employer is meeting ACA requirements?

Yes. zizzl health will work with you to help determine if the contribution strategy is meeting ACA affordability requirement. All plans available to employees through zizzl health meet the minimum essential coverage requirement.

Are ICHRA plans ACA and COBRA compliant?

ICHRA plans are considered ACA compliant as all qualified plans provide minimum essential coverage and employer contributions can be structured to be affordable. COBRA also applies for employers subject to ERISA law. However, state continuation does not apply.

Are ICHRA plans FSA and HSA compatible?

ICHRA’s are compatible with both health care flexible spending accounts and health saving accounts. Employers can offer one or both in conjunction with an ICHRA.

How are the premiums paid?

Employers may pay insurance companies on behalf of each employee and payroll deduct the employee contribution if their premium exceeds the employer contribution. This method has the advantage of a familiar “group plan” feel to employees. Alternatively, employers may require employees to pay the entire premium and submit a reimbursement request for the employer contribution. This method creates cash flow and inconvenience issues for some employees.

Are the insurance companies participating in ICHRA?

Employers of any size may offer an ICHRA to any type of worker,including full time and part time employees, as well as independent contractors.

Are the premiums comparable to small group rates?

Individual health insurance rates are at parity or lower than small group rates in 19+ states and this trend continues to grow.